AeroClean Announces Appointment of Jimmy Thompson as Vice President of Strategic Sales

Healthcare Technology Expert To Lead Targeted Sales Efforts For FDA-Cleared Germicidal UV-C Air Hygiene Technology 

Palm Beach Gardens – June 8, 2022AeroClean Technologies (“AeroClean” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: AERC), a leading air hygiene technology company and producer of patented UV-C LED technology inside its innovative Pūrgo™air purification  device, announces Jimmy Thompson has joined the Company as Vice President of Strategic Sales. The addition of Thompson to the AeroClean team is a strategic investment to support core business and revenue growth within targeted industry verticals. Along with driving sales initiatives, Thompson will also be focused on developing strategic distribution, reseller and channel partner relationships for AeroClean. Thompson joins the growing AeroClean team following the recent announcement by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granting the Company’s Pūrgo™ technology 510(k) clearance, classifying it as a Class II Medical Device intended for medical use and the elimination of harmful airborne microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

As Vice President of Strategic Sales, Thompson will report directly to AeroClean CEO Jason DiBona, and will utilize his experience in the healthcare industry to build sales teams and develop market channels that strengthen the AeroClean brand and drive revenue growth. Thompson will focus on bolstering relationships with partners in the healthcare, commercial restoration, and sports and entertainment industries.

“Our team is excited to welcome Jimmy, and we’re looking forward to him leading our upcoming sales initiatives,” said Jason DiBona, CEO of AeroClean. “With our recent FDA clearance and the growing momentum behind healthcare facilities, businesses, hospitality venues and government agencies seeking solutions for improving indoor air quality, we see a tremendous opportunity for AeroClean to grow as an essential technology provider. Jimmy’s impressive background in healthcare technology will advance our goals and further establish us as a market-leading technology for improving indoor air quality within the healthcare space.”

Over the course of three decades, Jimmy Thompson has served many leadership roles in the healthcare industry. For the past 19 years at Cerner, he has built and led highly successful teams at nationally recognized healthcare systems including: Broward Health, Moffitt Cancer Center, and Advent Health. Among his many accomplishments, Jimmy is most recognized for leading  proven business development strategies for CareAware – starting as a new platform by Cerner Corporation – a world-leading supplier of health information technology services, devices, and hardware used at more than 27,000 facilities around the world. Prior to Cerner, he held key sales roles at GE Healthcare and SIMS Portex and began his career working at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN. 

AeroClean was initially developed by medical professionals and aerospace engineers to address the high rate of hospital-acquired infections and other airborne microorganisms in hospitals. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, funding by government agencies, the focus of various regulatory agencies and an increased public awareness, have emerged surrounding the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ). Traditional air filtration technology has proven unable to provide effective solutions to address the growing demand for enhanced IAQ tools. Basic filtration, which has been the standard for indoor air purification for decades, only captures larger particles such as dust and pet hair, and offers limited, intermittent cleaning of indoor air, potentially increasing the exposure to fine particulate and harmful bioaerosols. The FDA-cleared Pūrgo™ unit goes beyond the traditional modes of air filtration and sanitization by using hospital-grade HEPA filtration as well as optimized germicidal UV irradiation to provide supplemental, localized air cleaning and enhanced ventilation in real-time, to provide cleaner, safer indoor air.  

AeroClean is committed to help businesses and organizations improve IAQ for a healthier and safer world, so work, play, and life keeps going. For more information about AeroClean technology and Pūrgo™ solutions, visit:

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AeroClean is a pathogen elimination technology company on a mission to keep work, play and life going—with continuous air hygiene products called, Pūrgo™ (pure-go). We create solutions for hospitals, offices, and many shared spaces as well as elevators, transportation and more. Pūrgo™ products feature SteriDuct™, a proprietary technology developed by our best-in-class aerospace engineers, medical scientists and innovators. Powered by SteriDuct™, our solutions are medical grade, eradicating viral, fungal, and bacterial airborne microorganisms. Our purpose is simple: to never stop innovating solutions that keep people healthy and safe, so life never stops. Learn more at

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